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School Gardens with Ease 2023

teachers and schools Jan 09, 2023

Have you ever even thought about growing a school garden?

Did you happen to Google to see how you should go about it and where you should start?

Did the advice you found look something along the lines of...

Step1: Form a Garden Committee

Step 2: Determine Goals

Step 3: Raise funds

Step 4: Purchase plants

Step 5: Organize planting events...

So on and so forth?

I'm here to tell you that unfortunately this common advice, even though given by experienced people, and very well-intending individuals and groups, could not have been more dangerous!

It's the path to exhaustion, overwhelm, and disappointment.

Unless you want to be a martyr and sacrifice your personal time, your energy, and lots and lots of your nerves for a probably sad-looking garden that you actually never get to teach in much...

You might wanna pay attention to what I'm about to tell you here.

The problem with this advice is the assumption that teachers have lots of time on their hands and nothing on their plates. Cause dealing with committees and organizing adult volunteers (or even children and worse, teens) is a heck of a lot of work! And it's completely unnecessary! 

Not only that, it's outright wrong to be brutally honest with you.

Apologies if this ruffles some feathers, but I am really tired of seeing teachers burn out over gardens and have nothing to show for it!

And what they are supposed to have to show for it, is not only produced food but also and even more important, educational outcomes. What did they actually teach using this garden! Cause last time I checked, School Gardens were hands-on authentic learning/teaching tools that could be connected to almost everything in the curriculum.

Growing a garden first and then trying to do SOMETHING in it with the students (just to say you did) is criminal!

Ok, Leila! Enough bashing others' advice! Do you have something better for me?

I absolutely do!

And I am sharing it ALL, I mean the complete strategy with all the detailed steps plus 2 PDF Guides, in a free 80-minute webinar...

... with the hopes to put this to bed once and for all!

Cause you could TEACH an INCREDIBLE SCHOOL GARDEN into EXISTENCE without the help of any one of the parents or other teachers.

Go grab a spot on the webinar to learn how.

You do not wanna miss this one.

It will be worth your while! I promise you that!

Cheers to Growth with Ease,


Here's the link: