Growing food with your kids and students 

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We help your kids/students "grow"

If you're a homeschooling parent, an elementary school teacher or a grandparent AND you've always wanted to help your kids grow food, you're on the right website.

One kids' garden at a time, with ease and fun...

Is how we change the world together!

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The fundamentals of D.C.P school gardening system. 


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"We get so happy every time the box arrives. Fun fun fun... and good type of fun too. We both learn a lot at the same time. This is awesome! Thank you for this."


"We grew food in 2 days and my kids loved the taste! Can't believe how easy it was. We really enjoy the easy-to-follow activities!"


"All the material is so beautifully made. The garden talk cards are awesome to get the kids thinking beyond the given information. It takes them to do research and find out more. We just love love your philosophy and concept!"


"My daughter loves everything about the packages! And I really appreciate the learning that happens even when she is coloring or playing games in the box! Thank you!""


"Getting the BOXes is very exciting for my son. And he really enjoys the fun. What an amazing way to get them act in a positive way and see the result of their own labor!"


"My son looks forward to it every month. And he jumps into action to get the activities done right away! Such an interactive and fun way to get them growing. Thank you so much for this!"