Growing food with your kids and students 

is easier than you think!

We help you grow food gardens with tiny humans!

If you're a homeschooling parent, an elementary school teacher or a grandparent AND you've always wanted to help your kids grow food, you're on the right website.

One kids' garden at a time, with ease and fun...

Is how we change the world together!


Oasis Box Club

A gardening club for kids

Monthly gardening fun in a BOX, delivered to your door.

Gets your kids outsidelearning and positively productivegreens their thumbs & empowers for life! 

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Introducing the Oasis Envelope!

Simpler and more affordable than the Oasis Box...

Oasis Box is sold out anyway... right?
But that's ok!
Because you can now get the 3 core components of the BOX by joining the new Club, the Oasis Envelope,
*** for less then half the price***

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While you're waiting for spots in Oasis Box Club...

Get your kids this month's Oasis Vintage Box!


Spooky Garden Vintage Box is an amazing way to get your kids' hands on a unique gardening experience JUST IN TIME for HOLLOWEEN!.

Purchase 1-time Vintage Box

Oasis Classroom

(for Elementary Teachers) 

Coming Soon!

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Free School Garden Road Map for Elementary School Teachers

School Gardens with Ease

The fundamentals of D.C.P school gardening system.