Hi Elementary Teachers! 

Let's grow food with your students with ease.

 Our Oasis suite of programs are here to help elementary teachers grow food in their classrooms and schools.

We have 11-week programs all the way down to 2-week programs for all elementary grades. Check them out here by clicking on each link.

Oasis Fall 2024 (Coming Soon)
Oasis Classroom 2025 - 11-lesson (All Indoors)
Caja Oasis 2025 - Outdoor Container Garden 11-lesson
Oasis School 2025 -12-lesson (Outdoor Regenerative Garden)
Oasis Classroom 5-lesson options A and B 2025
Oasis Earth Day 2025 2-lesson
Oasis Kinder 1 & 2 - 2025
Oasis Teachers Monthly Membership