Grow Food with Your Class, Hassle-Free

And leave an empowering legacy

- No outdoor garden space is necessary

- For Grades 1 to 8

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Most teachers don't see the point in growing food gardens with their students.

But that's not you, or you wouldn't be here.

Out of those who do see the point and would love to do it, most don't even take the first step, because...

  • It sounds intimidating...
  • It sounds like it's outside your expertise
  • You think it'd be a lot of hard work with mediocre results at best and even that is not guaranteed
  • You imagine¬†it to take a lot of extra personal time after hours, on lunch, or on weekends
  • You are convinced it would need an outdoor garden space which you most probably don't have
  • You were told it requires forming, coordinating, and managing some sort of a garden committee with parents and students

And out of those who do take some steps, it DOES become an intimidating project, that's

  • a drain of
    • energy
    • time
    • and resources
  • with underwhelming results, if any!

I've grown food gardens with 100s of teachers and 1000s of students in the past decade, full-time, and have had amazing easy success.

I can show you the way to easy, impactful, and successful food gardens without...

  • Becoming an expert grower
  • Sacrificing your personal time
  • Organizing any groups
  • Or even an outdoor garden space if you don't have one!

A little bit about Kids Growing City...

Growing School and Classroom gardens since 2013

We had a humble beginning teaching an after-school program in a private school. Since then our main focus and obsession have been figuring out the answer to this question:

"Why are there not many successful food gardens in schools?"

After almost a decade of working with educators side by side, developing, fine-tuning, and testing programs, we've got not only the answer to this but also the solutions.

Before COVID-19, we built 15 lush, beautiful, and producing school gardens in local schools in one season.

During COVID-19 we pivoted and made our lesson plans, and entire method available to teachers through "Oasis Classroom" and "Oasis School" programs. And so far have helped over 40 schools and 80 classrooms grow food with their students successfully.

We can give you what you need, hold your hand, and get you there with ease!

Introducing Oasis Teachers Membership

(for less than $1/day)

It's about time for a super affordable program that shows you how to grow food gardens with your class, hassle-free, without you having to fundraise, beg your administration for money, or fill out funding applications for 1000s and 1000s of dollars.

A program that grows a small food project for you, one month at a time, throughout the school year.

  • No need for outdoor growing space or even a lot of indoor space
  • No need for complicated special equipment
  • Something your students can grow in your class and nurse at a sunny window ledge somewhere in your school
  • No stress that comes with an elaborate school garden! But lots of impactful hands-on learning
  • Something that could be expanded to an outdoor school garden if you do have the space and want to do it in spring
  • No more spinning your wheels looking for educational material and growing guides
  • Plus direct access to me and other teachers in the program to celebrate our successes and help each other out in times of need.¬†

So I thought maybe I should start a membership for teachers (calling it Oasis Teachers Membership) and this would be what I thought you could get:

  • Activity Set-up Instructions
  • Supplies Checklist
  • Step-by-step Growing Guides
  • Achievement Tracking Class Posters
  • Student Observation¬† and Journal Sheets
  • Plant Care Instructions
  • Fill-in-the-blank email templates (to communicate each month's growing achievement with parents)
  • Harvest, transplanting, or send-away Instructions
  • And much much more...

All done for you, every month.


...Since this is a brand-new membership, I will be all ears and open to ideas and feedback.

So, if you join me now, you will get to help form this membership with your feedback, telling me what YOU need.

You will be a FOUNDING MEMBER of the membership.

And as a Founding Member,

1) Your membership fee will be incredibly low

2) You'll be grand-parented into this low fee forever

Meaning that when we open the doors again to new members later, they'll have to join at a much higher fee.

3) Also, you and I will form a very intimate and exclusive group of founding members. You'll have direct access to me, and we will form amazing friendships that could last us our entire teaching careers and beyond!

Teachers who join us later will not have access to this Founding Members exclusive group who will be shaping the landscape of school gardens.


Oasis Teacher's Membership Path...

The following Image shows the different stages of your Journey with me in this membership.

Wherever on this path you are when you join us, I'll help you move up to the next stage.

Have never grown a thing before?

Sometimes teachers who have grown successfully at home or have tried growing gardens at school are set on their "wrong" or inefficient ways of growing...

  • which makes them not very coachable about proven, efficient, but sometimes controversial ways we grow gardens in Oasis programs...
  • which makes them, understandably, attached to their old ways because they have invested a lot of nerves, time, and energy setting those systems up or making those decisions.

...You have the advantage of learning the right way and have massive success by following the right advice in this membership!

Worry the content needs more time than you can spare??

I get that balancing teaching responsibilities and lesson planning on top of everything else is demanding...

I want this membership to be time-saving for you.

That's why I am planning to give you step-by-step activity guides, shopping Lists, setup guides, care instructions, and even student worksheets and progress-tracking posters.

But as a founding member, you'll get to tell me what YOU need and I will seriously consider incorporating it into the membership, given that it's reasonable of course.

Wondering if your students would be interested and engaged?

One of the main causes of disinterest in students towards gardening is the lack of quick and impressive results!

If they feel like gardening is hard labor and a good harvest is hard to come by, they lose interest very quickly.

That's why in this membership we will never use gardening as a tool to teach hard work and sacrifice, but as a tool to learn where food comes from and to empower the students with the exciting idea that they can grow their own.

To do that, we will grow lots of fast and easy food using easy-to-assemble low-maintenance systems.

When they see the food growing right in front of their eyes, they will be super-interested and engaged, some more than others, as it is with any subject, of course.

Worry that you'll need help?

I get it! You're thinking what if I need help? 

One of the things I would like to establish especially between the Founding members, from the very beginning, is community.

That's why I am thinking of creating a chat group on a platform that we choose. I will be on this chat group at your service all day long, even over the weekends.

So you can chat with me or with each other whenever you choose to.

I want to make my decade of experience doing this work available to you so that you not only get help when things go sideways, but also not make the mistakes that I made.

Wondering if the content is adaptable to your classroom size, location and climate?

Sunny means, at least 4 hours of direct sunlight shining inside the room from the window!

This space can be anywhere within your school as long as it's easily accessible to you and your class to visit regularly and nurse the plants.

Of course, it's best if the nursery is in your classroom. But it doesn't have to be.

You will use your classroom space to grow the plants and then move them to the designated sunny window to be cared for.

These indoor classroom projects can expand to any school in North America.

All the space you need is 3 square feet in front of a sunny window.

Worry about allergies and exposure?

Have sensitive kids in your class?

We can not guarantee that none of the kids would ever react to anything in your classroom garden.

But, I will teach you to always use certified organic or at least organically made soil that's free of all added chemicals. This way, there will not even be a need for gloves.

Skin exposure to organic soil is not only not harmful but extremely beneficial for your student's health. Research has shown that enzymes in healthy soil create happiness.

You will never have a nut allergy concern in these gardens since we won't be growing any, of course.

And for longer maturing plants such as tomatoes, they will be out of your classroom space, donated, given away, or transplanted, way before they develop flowers. So there will be no  pollen swirling around in your classroom air.

Any special or expensive equipment?

As long as you have the Sunny Window we mentioned above, you are good to go!

No need for grow lights, grow towers, hydroponics or aquaponics equipment, or anything else that's complicated and expensive.

You'll be surprised how much your class can grow in front of a sunny window.

If you cannot find absolutely no accessible sunny windows in the entire school, then we could think about grow lights. But, I highly encourage finding a sunny window.

Other expenses on top of the membership fee?

Yes, you will need to purchase the following supplies to run the growing activities in your class, in most months:

  • One pack of Organic or Heirloom seeds
  • One 20 L bag of Certified Organic or organically made Potting Soil
  • Plastic party cups, trays, push pins, and other craft materials, some of which you may already have in your classroom and some of which you could reuse for years to come.

We estimate your material expenses would not go over $20 each month.

Who is this NOT for?

This membership is not for everyone!

It might sound strange to discourage you from joining this club. But it's best for you, me, and the community that only those who this is truly meant for are in it with us.

Please kindly NOT JOIN if:

  • You are not a day-school teacher. This club is not suitable for parents even if you want to help grow a school garden. Please invite your kid's teachers to join us instead.
  • You are a homeschooling parent. We have the Oasis Box subscription box for you. This club is only for day-school teachers.
  • You want to learn about fancy methods of growing food such as grow towers, hydroponics, aquaponics, etc. We will not be learning about these complicated and expensive methods since most teachers don't have access to such equipment.
  • You want to grow a community garden with the main purpose of¬†feeding the community. Such elaborate outdoor gardens will be covered in our Spring flagship programs, Oasis Classroom and Oasis Schools
  • You want to grow with a club, on lunch-time, weekends, after-hours, etc. This club is for teachers who want to grow with their own class and connect gardening with their curriculum, teaching their students how to grow food and where it comes from, with small manageable classroom projects.
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Alternatively, you could

1) Wait for my flagship "Classroom" and "School Garden" spring programs to open in January. However, these programs, although amazing, are less affordable, requiring some schools to rely on fundraising to sustain.

2) DIY growing food with your students.

I do not recommend this approach because you'll burn yourself out, not get the results you want, and resent the idea of growing food with your students forever.

This approach is the reason we don't see a lot of successful growing projects at schools!

3) You could DO NOTHING and that means nothing will change. You will keep wishing you could grow impactful educational gardens with your class, but that dream will never come true.

I'd like to invite you to join me and finally make this dream come true for you and your deserving students!

Your FOUNDING MEMBER fee will be...

Only $0.97/day- Paid monthly

  • As founding members you will be grand-parented into this price, meaning the fee will never go up for you.
  • Your access to monthly material will not expire for as long as you are a member.
  • Nothing will be removed from the platform.
  • You get access to all future upgrades and updates for as long as you are a member.

Click the button below to join us!


Only $0.79/day - Paid Annually

  • As founding members you will be grand-parented into this price, meaning the fee will never go up for you.
  • Your access to monthly material will not expire for as long as you are a member.
  • Nothing will be removed from the platform.
  • You get access to all future upgrades and updates for as long as you are a member.

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Founding Members Bonuses

(future members will not get)

Exclusive direct access to me (Leila) and my decade of growing experience in schools

We will set up a private chat group for the founding members on the chat platform of our choice so we can directly communicate with each other. You'll also have the right to directly email me at my personal address. I will be in this group and on email, hearing you out and helping you, all week-days.

I only can do this with a small group of teachers and have to unfortunately close the doors to this intimate group for future members after this initial founding members launch (we will keep it for us).



You'll get to help form the membership


Not only do you have me to help you exceed your classroom and school gardening dreams, you'll get to tell me your concerns, your questions, and your specific needs. I will curate educational material, guides, tutorials, etc., and include them in the membership to meet your "reasonable" requests.

This way we will have a great membership that's useful to you.

Teachers that join us later, won't get to form the membership we create as founding members. 

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