All spots to Oasis Box are taken and the club is Sold Out at the Moment.

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Oasis Box helps you...

  • Reduce screen time and increase fun
  • Create precious magical memories at home
  • Turn restless curiosity into delight for working with nature
  • Empower with growing own food
  • Instill lifelong habits of healthy eating

Gardening with your kids will create...

Stronger Families

"Why try to explain miracles to your child when you can grow a garden with them?"

Bring magic to your family life and create precious memories that empower and last a life time!

Strengthen your connection with your kids using your OASIS BOX!

Whole Humans

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Patience, caring, working with mama-nature, faith, positive action, appreciation for healthy food, being grounded and connected to Earth, authentic learning of the life skill of gardening... and more life changing personal skills to learn with your OASIS BOX!

Wiser Kids

Science, biology, geography, culture, health, math, art, systems thinking... You name it, mama-nature can teach it in the garden!

You just need the right engaging educational material and you will find it in your OASIS BOX!