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the OASIS BOX is a Gardening Club for Kids...

...the best way to get your kids outside, learning and positively productive

greening their thumbs &

empowering them for life! 

OASIS BOX is the single most effective way to instill life-long healthy habits and deep connection to good food and nature in your kids.
  •  Reduce screen time and increase hands-on authentic fun
  • Create precious magical memories that empower for life and get actual food you can eat!
  • Turn restless curiosity, or worse, boredom, into delight for nature, indoors and out
  • Help your kids realize an empowering strong friendship with mama nature
  • Have new done-for-you themed educational material that stimulate young minds into action and research, at your fingertips, EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH!
It's really simple...

You'll immediately get access to our online resource library including all Oasis Box e-kits since March 2020.

And your name gets added to next month's shipment list for the physical Oasis Box.

We ship to US and Canada.

On the next business day after the 15th of each month we ship the Oasis Box of the month to your door.

Each month has a new gardening theme that will never be repeated! EVER!

The BOXes are designed for immediate engagement so your kids get excited and get growing right away...

games, stickers, coloring papers, step by step growing guides, shopping lists... you name it!


What's in the OASIS BOX?
  • Growing activity guides & Shopping Lists
  • Seeds
  • Theme introduction card (a short lesson)
  • Themed coloring paper, Collectible stickers, Cut-out garden-talk cards
  • Themed educational games and crafts
  • and much much more...
Why the Oasis Box?

No need to know how to grow!

Have never grown a thing in your life? Have the grayest thumbs on the planet?

No problem!

With Oasis Box, we've got you covered with step by step growing activity guides that your kids can follow with ease. 

No need for a big garden space!

Don't have a huge land to give your kids garden space?

All Oasis Box growing activities are small window-ledge projects that can be expanded to outdoor gardens.

Have a window with 4 hours of sun? You're good to go!

No need for complications!

No re-inventing the wheel. No surfing the ocean of mix of good and bad online advice, no exposing your kids to trial and error. No wondering which seeds, where, when and how.

Oasis Box comes with everything you need fit for the season. 

No need to spend a lot of time!

No need to spend a lot of time setting things up for your kids.

Your kids will set it all up following the step by step guides that is designed for them. These projects are engaging and quick while give amazing results. Just enjoy it together!

Cancel at any time with monthly plan.


Monthly Plan

$25 USD + $5 USD Shipping Per  Month

Annual Plan (2 free kits)

$250 USD + $50 USD Shipping for 12 kits, Per Year 

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$25/m + $5 flat-rate shipping USD

Cancel Anytime

  • One OASIS BOX delivered to your door per month.
  • Access to Online Resource Library (all e-kits since March 2020 + 1 new e-kit per month).

Up to 3 Siblings (no extra charge)

We ship to US and Canada ONLY.

Your monthly renewal fee will never go up for as long as you are a good standing member of the club.

Clicking on any of the below buttons means that I have accepted the Terms and Conditions and understand this subscription renews every month. You can always cancel a renewal before the date. [email protected]

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It's awesome to be an Oasis Box Parent
"We get so happy every time the box arrives. Fun fun fun... and good type of fun too. There is so much to do every month! This is awesome! And it actually grows food we eat. So empowering!" Diana
Frequently Asked Questions

Leila Mireskandari, the Founder CEO of Kids’ Growing City and creator of OASIS BOX kids gardening club, is an enthusiastic gardener and a Certified Permaculture Designer who has a Master’s degree in Environmental Studies with Environmental and Sustainability Education diploma from York University. She also holds the Business and the Environment diploma from Schulich school of business.

She founded Kids’ Growing City to empower young minds with food growing skills and to bring the joy of edible gardening into the lives of children while supporting their parents and teachers with tools and training.

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