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Teachers: Water Conservation in a School Garden

Sep 10, 2022

So... Let's say that you grew a school garden with your students throughout the school year and they worked hard and you all took really good care of your plants. Let's say you also set up a watering chest and arranged volunteers for the summer... just like I showed you in last week's blog.

But now the question is... what if your community doesn't show up to water? Are you planning to worry about this matter all summer long? Or sacrifice your very well-deserving and highly-needed summer vacation to come in and check on the garden every day... or even worse, water it yourself, in case it looked like no one watered it?

The answer is 100% ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Your school garden can be built and grown in a way that does not rely 100% on manual hand watering.
In reality, and also proven to me by experience, those parents who volunteer for such a cause are good people. They're here for all the right reasons and they care for this very much. So most of them will show up on the days assigned to them and they will do a good job of watering the garden.

But in the worst-case scenario, if let's say 50% of them don't show up, your garden could suffer and your students will come back to school in the fall and get disappointed.

No worries, I've got you covered! ;)

There are really easy to implement and also fun to build water-conserving techniques and tools that if you plan ahead of time, and put in place at the beginning when you are building your garden with your students, can make your garden resilient.

I also shared a FREE guide about one of them, my favorite of all of them, Hugelkultur. You can grab this free guide HERE.

These solutions are what I discussed in the very short live videos this past week.
Go watch them

Design design design! It's so important for the success of your school garden. It can make or break your project.