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Teachers: Busting 3 school garden myths

Teachers: Busting 3 school garden myths

teachers and schools Nov 05, 2022

Are you a teacher who would have loved it if you could grow a food garden with your students...


You are not doing it because...

1) Do You think you need outdoor space?

2) You've never grown a thing in your life and think you've got gray thumbs.

3) Or do you think you need to organize parent volunteers and you don't have time for that and don't want that kind of headache? (I'm with you on that by the way!)

Well, these are very common myths!
And I busted them one by one this past week.

Go to this YouTube Playlist and watch them all. As usual, they are very short and as much as I could, to the point!

I will continue next week with busting more myths.

But for now, I wanna point out that my solution for the "problems" behind most of these myths is starting to grow in your classroom and I wanna remind you that you can learn how to do that from me HERE.

And if you've been on my email list of teachers I regularly send advice to, you know we have a deal that as long as you go through the " Garden in Your Classroom" course and do the assignments, you can have it all for only 1/5th of the investment.

You're not on that list yet? Grab this freebie and get on that list then. :)