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Teachers: The Who, What, When and Where of a successful classroom or school garden

teachers and schools Oct 01, 2022

For most elementary teachers, growing a classroom or school garden might sound intimidating, but it can easily be simplified by planning. I know, I know! Planning is not the most pleasant aspect of growing gardens but as for any subject you teach, this one too requires planning. Even though you might not like it, I'm sure you understand!

Last week I went live almost every day and broke down the most important aspects of planning for a classroom or a school garden for you, in very short videos.

 We talked about

1) the Who, AKA roles and responsibilities of a successful classroom or school garden, including who should and  SHOULD NOT be doing what!

2) the What, AKA activities and teaching topics

3) the When, AKA the timing of all those teachings and activities in the Northern Hemisphere

4) and the Where, the location of your garden... and this last one (video 4 out of 5 in this week's playlist) will surprise and hopefully delight you as I think is the most helpful in easing your mind and giving you confidence.

Go take a watch HERE:

Planning for this starting now, and paying attention to the right aspects of planning, will ensure your success down the road in spring!

Let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns. I'm here for you.
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