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An oasis sanctuary in your backyard: The best space for your kids to spend summer

oasis backyard parents Jul 18, 2022

When summer is here most people think of vacations and out-of-town fun.

Last week we went out camping with my family. We had tons of fun and physical activity in nature. Hiking and canoeing too. I love nature but I'm also a 5-star hotel kind of gal. I love to be pampered and receive luxury that I usually don't get at home.

But at the end of the day, home sweet home! And when it comes to my home during summer, what I want for myself and my kids is an oasis garden. Cause going out of town for a change of scenery and new experiences, for meeting new people and seeing other cultures is fun and also necessary for raising whole humans. But nothing, I mean nothing, compares to a backyard oasis. One you can walk into at any time you like without spending a gazillion dollars or planning for a million months.

Without packing and unpacking and laundry! Just walking into it and staying for as long as we want!

Our private oasis that I respectfully share with our favorite creatures, you know, the bees, butterflies, birds, ladybugs, and even the bunnies and chipmunks!

A place filled with beautiful aromas and sounds, a space where nature is welcomed and so is my family.

You had to see my daughter the other day after spending hours in our tiny backyard. She came with tails of exciting experiences she had watching bees drinking from our waterer, birds walking on the umbrella while she observed the shadow of their feet from below, them singing and playing around in the garden. She found a baby ladybug and saw the tomatoes getting bigger.

Where else other than her backyard could she ever experience all that in peace and safety, reading a book or drawing something, without having to rush to any meal or tour or check in checkouts? Nowhere!

My dream is for all children to have that whether at their own home, at grandparents, aunties' or uncles' homes, a neighbor's, or a community garden they can safely walk to. An oasis sanctuary to just be with themselves and with nature, to get grounded and calm down.

The best part of it all for us is, that my daughters grew this mini garden all by themselves and all from seeds. They do this every spring and then they enjoy the abundance of homegrown food they harvest throughout summer and fall.

And that's part of my dream for all children too. To be lucky to learn how to grow their food.

And that's why I created the Oasis Box, the gardening club for kids.

Get on the wait list for it so you know when the doors are open. It's a gardening club for kids. Go check it out at least!

We just moved to this house and the yard is not my ideal oasis yet. I have dreams of fruit trees, fruit shrubs, perennial herbs and vegetables, water features, butterfly gardens and so much more still.

But just a small vegetable garden that my daughters grew, has created such beauty and abundance that even I can't believe.

What are your garden dreams for your precious kids in your life? Dreams have power and they can come true!

Let me know if I could help. That's what I'm here for.