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Teachers: It's Impossible to grow Educational, Food, Sustainable and Impactful gardens

teachers and schools Sep 24, 2022

Elementary teachers, growing somewhat of a school or even a classroom garden, in student clubs or by arranging a few planting or work events with parents, is possible...

But, not if you want that garden to be EDUCATIONAL and no matter the size, IMPACTFUL.

Not if you want it to be producing FOOD with ease (and therefore empowering) and most importantly SUSTAINABLE year after year, even if not the same families are there and no other teacher than yourself wants to be involved.

But it is possible, and I repeat... EASILY... if you do it within your classroom time with your students, connect it to your curriculum.

Talked all about it in very short videos this week when I went live almost every day.
And as usual, gathered them all in a playlist so you can watch them in case you missed them


It's time for educators to start looking at classroom or school gardening like it matters for education. Like it can be an important teaching tool like it should be!