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Preserve the Harvest with Grow Your Own Vegetables

Growing Your Own Vegetables: A Journey with Stacey Murphy

parents Nov 08, 2023

Hey there, fellow parents and grandparents!

Welcome to Kids Growing City, your cozy corner for gardening adventures with your little ones. Today, we're going on a delightful journey that started almost a decade ago. It's a tale of friendship, green thumbs, and the joy of growing your own food. We'll dive into the world of Stacey Murphy, the brilliant founder of Grow Your Own Vegetables, and an exciting opportunity to level up your gardening game through a special masterclass. So grab your gardening gloves and let's get started!

A Serendipitous Meeting Once upon a time, at a bustling business conference, I found myself in the most unlikely situation. Amidst a sea of suits and ties, I met Stacey Murphy, the visionary behind Grow Your Own Vegetables. It was a match made in gardening heaven! Not only were we the only folks in the room passionate about cultivating our own food gardens, but we also shared something truly unique - a background in math, engineering, and tech. Our friendship blossomed instantly, fueled by a shared vision of helping families grow their own veggies.

Meet Stacey Murphy:

Stacey Murphy, the wizard of all things vegetable-related, the Master GardenTrainer. With her extensive experience dating back to 1979, she has the power to pack literal tons of food into the tiniest spaces. She's the real deal, with a passion for teaching you how to grow your own greens and herbs.

Stacey draws inspiration from the patterns of nature. Her mission is to inspire human consciousness toward resonance of joy, awe and wonder for the next evolution of the human spirit.

Stacey is always thinking one step ahead of where industries are going: from managing billion dollar construction projects in NYC to writing children’s books that help kids love vegetables (My Dinosaur Ate My Broccoli). Her background as a visionary architect has led to breakthrough projects like BK Farmyards, a network of urban farmers transforming the local food system.

Stacey is a two time finalist for the Buckminster Fuller Challenge for social entrepreneurship. She is currently exploring new, futuristic business opportunities and ways to move gardening education into the new world.

But what's the mission of Grow Your Own Vegetables, you ask? Well, it's simple and incredible. It doesn't matter how big your garden is or if you're yet to dig your first hole in the ground. Stacey and her team are on a mission to help one million new growers like you create successful vegetable and herb gardens. Can you imagine waking up and strolling into your garden with your kids or grandkids, to pick organic breakfast greens or mint for your morning tea? That's the dream, right?

I want to invite you to a taste of learning with Stacey, a free masterclass! In "3 Strategies to Simplify Preserving & Storing the Harvest," you'll learn some nifty secrets to save 40% on your grocery bill every year. You'll discover how to think like a restaurant owner, become a flavor ninja, and create delicious meals from basic garden ingredients. And here's the kicker - you'll learn a trick to stock your family's kitchen with healthy essentials in just a couple of hours.

Oh, and there's a Quick eGuide to help you figure out which preservation techniques are right for your lifestyle. It's like a treasure map for your garden's bounty!

At Kids Growing City, we're all about sowing the seeds of joy and creating moments of pride for parents and grandparents. It's the satisfaction of providing healthy, homegrown food for your family that warms the heart. So, join us in this incredible journey. Click on the image above to get to this incredible masterclass with Stacey and let's embark on a garden-fresh adventure together. Happy gardening, fellow green thumbs!