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Teachers: Growing Food with Students - Week of Aug 8th 2022

teachers and schools Aug 12, 2022

Growing food gardens with students in schools is dreamy wonderful to teachers but overwhelmingly intimidating to even imagine starting!

If you're an elementary teacher who's been wanting to do this but haven't, you know what I'm talking about! ;)

Went live last week almost every day and shared tips and tricks on how to grow ABUNDANTLY with EASE, in your Classrooms or School, starting with sharing the list of seeds I personally recommend for teachers to grow in schools.

This list also includes those that I recommend you AVOID!

Then I told you how to find your planting schedule for those recommended seeds...

Then we talked about which seeds are to be sowed indoors and which ones outdoors... and also that it's a fact that you don't need an outdoor garden to grow plenty of food with your students!

And in the last live of the week, we discovered how to find the best space for your indoor nursery... and it could very well be your own classroom!

Put it all in one playlist HERE:

Hope you watch these lives and get inspired to plan on growing a food garden with your students this year.

You can do it! And I'm here to help!

More is coming next week... A LOT MORE!