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Teachers: Growing gardens in fall and winter

teachers and schools Oct 21, 2022

Should you leave growing food gardens for spring and completely forget about them in fall and winter?
Absolutely not! For a few reasons:

1) First, you can teach about good food and the positive environmental impacts humans can have just by growing food locally... The young are disappointed in us for the environmental havoc we've created and need to know about the accessible simple solutions to those issues (as well as social justice issues) that they have the power to implement, such as growing their own food!

2) Remember the previous blog, when I discussed planning a spring garden? Fall and winter are perfect times to get your students involved in the planning and design! How exciting is that?

3) There are a lot of preparation and also planting... not tomatoes and cucumbers of course... but other fall and winter food plants that you could grow indoors (and if you teach in a warmer climate maybe even indoors)

4) And last but not least, who says you have an elaborate, big-bang, school garden in spring to teach your students growing food? You could totally go the opposite direction and grow small but impactful projects all year round! In fact, that's what Oasis Box (a project we have for parents and grandparents) is all about!

I went live almost every day last week and talked in detail about all the above. Go take a watch

Many teachers who joined the Oasis Box for their own kids at home, have told me that they use the Oasis Box educational content and planting guide in their classroom!

That has inspired me to open up the Online Resource Library of the Oasis Box project to teachers.
What do you think? Would you be interested in something like that?

I'll tell you all about it very soon.
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