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A Gift Garden for a Grandma

parents Jul 06, 2023

Last Mother's Day me and my kids, well mostly me and my little one... cause my older (almost 20 years old now) is in the too-cool-to-garden phase! Lol... But she still did help out to be fair...

We planted a balcony garden for Grandma as a gift.

We planted seeds of lettuce, arugula, and herbs, some tomato seedlings, swiss chards, peppers, marigolds, and also some perennial herbs like mint and savory. 

Grandma was of course so grateful, so full of joy and so excited. We had lots of fun and we were proud to be giving such a beautiful gift. This was Grandma 's very first official garden. Even though we've been growing food at our home for a gazillion years now, Grandma was always home on and off, taking care of my elderly Grandma in Europe. So even though she would have loved to, she was never around to take care of and most importantly enjoy a garden like this.

Now that Great Grandma has passed, god bless her beautiful soul, and grandmama has had a chance to settle at home, she was SO ready for her very own garden. And what better time to plant her one than Mother's Day.

But, she had no idea that the magic, the excitement, and the fun are all just getting started!

Last weekend, after a short less than 3 months, this was how her garden looked like:

It smells AMAZING! Looks FANTASTIC! Feels MAGICAL, and most importantly is PRODUCING like crazy!

Let's say Grandma and Grandpa have not been buying salads for a few weeks now and this garden just keeps on giving in many different ways.

Now are my daughters, especially the little one proud? You bet they are!

And did Grandma even in her wildest dreams see such a garden possible with such ease? She says she didn't! Cause all she does is water and enjoy.

Is this very small garden producing all their food? Of course not. But sometimes we forget that a veggie garden is much more than the food it produces. It brings greenery, hope, love, nature, family, beauty, and also delicious nutritious food that could not be more organic, local, or fresh than this.

The empowerment and pride that such small gardens can bring to a family, is super priceless.

I thought I should share this experience here because I think we all overthink gardens. They really don't need to be too big, too elaborate, too complicated, or too pricy. They can be small, simple, and inexpensive and still work better than most other gardens.

Hoping this brought you some encouragement and inspiration. Got get your family a little garden, even if it's at the ledge of a small sunny window. I promise it's worth it.

And if you had questions, I'm here for you. Reach out!

Lots of love,