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Unwrap the Joy of Gardening this Holiday Season with Kids Growing City's Oasis Box of the Month!

parents Oct 25, 2023
This holiday season, help your kids give growing gifts to their loved ones. How? By using the Holiday Oasis Box that get's to your door at the end of November. That gives your kids enough time to unbox, enjoy, and learn and also to plant and make their growing gifts right in time for the Holidays! It's the perfect way to engage their curiosity, foster their love for nature, and create unforgettable memories. Join us on this gardening adventure and celebrate the joy of the holiday season with Kids Growing City.

When you join, you'll get one themed, and season appropriate box a month. With the Oasis Box of the Month, you'll receive a delightful assortment of gardening goodies delivered right to your door. Each box is thoughtfully crafted to engage your child's curiosity and creativity, making it the perfect gift for budding green thumbs.


Here's what you can expect in our Holiday Season Oasis Box that gets to your door at the end of November, right in time for your kids to use the material and make growing gifts for their loved ones for the holidays:

  1. Seed-Paper Wooden Mold: This kids' size mold is especially designed and made for the Oasis Box members, by a local crafts small business. It's durable and very easy to use. Your kids will use it to turn the shredded paper (also supplied in the box) into a seed paper. They can shape the seed paper to anything they like for gifting! Into the shape of a heart? A bunny? A Christmas tree? Whatever they imagine and excites them. Instructions are all inside and so are the seeds!
  2. Two Varieties of Lettuce: Speaking of seeds, this month the Oasis kids get not just one but 2 seed packs. One to make seed paper gifts with, and one to grow into a gift bag of lettuce! Watch your child's excitement grow as they plant and nurture the bag of lettuce. They'll them experience the joy of giving yet another growing gift this holiday season!
  3. Coloring Page: Unleash your child's artistic side with our holiday-themed coloring page, all about gift giving! They can bring their imagination to life as they color in beautiful growing gifts, fostering their creativity and love for nature.
  4. Engaging Activity Booklet: Our Oasis Box comes with an interactive activity booklet filled with fun facts, puzzles, and step-by-step instructions. It's a great way to keep your child engaged and learning while they explore the world of gardening.
  5. Coconut Coir: Provide your child with the perfect growing medium with our coconut coir. This eco-friendly alternative to traditional soil will help their plants thrive and teach them about sustainable gardening practices. Plus, it's super exciting to watch as the small block of coir expands and turns into soil suitable for growing. Your kids will love this experience!
  6. Cloth Planter: Our Oasis Box includes a reusable cloth planter, allowing your child to create their own mini growing gift. These planters are non-woven, colorful, and very lightweight. Perfect for kids to experience growing with ease.

At Kids Growing City, we believe that gardening is not only a fun activity but also a valuable learning experience for children. Our Oasis Box of the Month is designed to foster their love for nature, encourage creativity, and promote hands-on learning.


So, why wait? Give the gift of gardening this holiday season and watch your child's imagination bloom. Visit our website to subscribe to the Oasis Box of the Month and embark on a gardening adventure that will create lasting memories.


Remember, the joy of gardening is just a click away!


Subscribe to Kids Growing City's Oasis Box of the Month now and unwrap the magic of gardening this holiday season!