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Teachers: School Garden Summer Maintenance: Part II

teachers and schools Sep 02, 2022

Summer maintenance is at the top of your mind when it comes to growing a school garden. And for very good reasons too. The last thing teachers want is to have to come to school every day of their summer vacation to deal with issues and do chores. Teachers deserve a peaceful and worry-free summer. They need to completely detach so they can refresh, regroup, relax and get ready for the next school year.

In the last week's BLOG, I covered many summer maintenance chores, including weeding, harvesting, cleaning up, etc., and discussed how they can all be eliminated.

This week, I went live again, almost every day and I talked about pests and disease and then dug deeper into the only real summer chore that we need to set up and prepare for, watering.
I even gave away the exact setup for my favorite watering system along with the instructions on how to use it on the videos and released my complete step-by-step, comprehensive guide, for purchase at a very low cost:

Put all the recorded videos in one playlist HERE:

Go take a listen, take notes, and if you wanted a written comprehensive PDF guide, grab it from the link. I have created this Watering Chest system after almost a decade of building school gardens in schools of all kinds. It's the easiest, most effective system I've worked with so far. And it makes the watering chore smooth, easy and fun for your parent volunteer community. It's the one solution you've been waiting for!

Next week, I'll get into school garden design!