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School Garden Summer Maintenance Part I Playlist

Teachers: School Garden Summer Maintenance: Part I

teachers and schools Aug 27, 2022

The very first concern that teachers or school admins have about the topic of growing school gardens is SUMMER MAINTENANCE!

And for very good reason too! Educators take on a lot and do A LOT for their students during the school year and when summer comes, they want to go away to their very well-deserving vacation with peace of mind. So they can detach, relax, regroup and refresh to come back to another stressful, over-working, over-caring, and over-doing school year. It's way too much to ask them to worry about the school garden during summer.

I'm going to take it one level further and suggest that they should NEVER come to school during summer. In my world, teachers shouldn't be allowed to touch the garden during summer. Nope! Nothing! Nada! Not even once! And I say this to those who do! I cannot believe that after all you've gone through during the school year, you still come to school to take care of the garden during summer. I mean why?! Stop being a hero and take care of YOU please, because our kids need you in the fall! PLEASE!

But, Leila, who's going to care for the garden? Cause there's a lot of work to be done. Right?
Well... not necessarily. If the garden is designed well, the only summer maintenance chore would be watering. And that can be arranged for parents to do easily so teachers don't have to come to school during summer.

I went live during the past week and addressed all summer maintenance tasks one by one!
Put all the recorded videos in one playlist

Go take a listen. I think this could put your mind at ease about summer a little bit.

Next week, I'll get into the pest and disease-related chores and dig deep into watering!