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Embrace the Summer Sun: A Journey of Growth and Discovery in the Garden

Embrace the Summer Sun: A Journey of Growth and Discovery in the Garden

parents Jul 14, 2023

Summer is finally here, and what better way to celebrate the sun-kissed days than by engaging in a fun and educational activity with your family? Imagine the joy of watching your children or grandchildren marvel at the wonders of nature as they nurture their very own vegetable garden. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of sunlight in our lives, especially when it comes to gardening, and we'll delve into the exciting world of the Oasis Box, a gardening subscription service for kids. Join us on this journey of growth and discovery as we unlock the secrets of the summer sun!

The Power of Sunlight:

Summer is a season filled with abundant sunshine (usually!), providing the perfect opportunity to teach our little ones about the essential role sunlight plays in our lives. Sunlight is not only responsible for brightening and warming up our days but also serves as the ultimate source of energy for life on Earth. It's fascinating to explore how all forms of energy we use, including electricity and fossil fuels, ultimately originate from the sun's energy.

Through the process of photosynthesis, plants capture sunlight and convert it into energy, helping them to grow and thrive. This energy is stored in the form of sugar that serves as the primary fuel for plants. When we consume fruits, vegetables, or any plant-based foods, we are essentially harnessing the sun's energy that has been transformed into a source of food.

But as you know sunlight's impact extends far beyond plant growth. We've developed various technologies to harness the power of sunlight directly and indirectly. Solar panels, for instance, capture sunlight and convert it into electricity through the photovoltaic effect. Increasingly being used to power homes, schools, and even entire communities. 

Sunlight even plays a crucial role in the formation of fossil fuels. Over millions of years, plants and algae that absorbed sunlight during photosynthesis eventually became buried under layers of earth and then were transformed into fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas. When we burn these fossil fuels for energy, we are essentially releasing the stored energy from ancient sunlight. And that's fascinating to older kids and fuels their curiosity!  

Teaching children about how humans have harnessed sunlight through technology can inspire them to explore innovative and sustainable solutions for the future. By understanding the interconnectedness of sunlight and energy, children can gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of conserving resources and embracing renewable energy sources.

Introducing the Oasis Box - July Edition:

This month, the Oasis Box, a unique gardening subscription box for kids, has themed its box around the magical power of sunlight. Our little subscribers received a delightful array of activities and tools designed to engage them and nurture their love for gardening. The July box not only allowed children to witness firsthand how plants rely on sunlight to grow but also introduced them to the various ways humans harness sunlight through technology.

From the DIY Sundial, children learned how to use the sun's position to tell time, highlighting the practical applications of sunlight in our daily lives and how humans told time for thousands of years before clocks, watches and smart devices of today. The DIY Solar Cooker project provided an exciting opportunity for children to explore solar energy's potential as they harnessed the sun's rays to cook their own snacks. OR at least melt some chocolate and run scientific experiments. By engaging in these hands-on activities, kids gained a deeper understanding of how humans have harnessed sunlight throughout history and continue to develop innovative ways to utilize this abundant resource sustainably.

But of course, the main purpose of these Oasis Boxes is cultivation of food. And as always, there is seeds to grow in the box of July too. And of course it's Sunflowers! Right!

Not only that, but for slightly more tentative and caring kids, thinking about how a solar cooker could help people in less fortunate communities to cook their food without electricity or other forms of fuel could spark brilliant ideas to help people of this planet. To feel empowered to help other fellow human beings is the most powerful feeling of all filled with hope for the future of humanity!

A Glimpse of What's to Come:

While the Sunlight-themed box is no longer available to the public, the Oasis Box promises to deliver exciting and educational experiences every month. The upcoming August box is guaranteed to be as captivating as the previous one. The little subscribers can anticipate a new adventure, packed with surprises that will continue to ignite their imagination and love for gardening and nature. The Oasis Box encourages kids to explore not only the wonders of nature but also the limitless possibilities that arise when we combine curiosity, knowledge, and a deep connection with nature.

Join the Oasis Box Waitlist:

Excited to embark on this gardening journey with your children or grandchildren? Don't worry if you missed out on the July box; there's always an opportunity to join the Oasis Box community. By joining the waitlist, you'll be among the first to know when the doors open to new subscribers. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates and be prepared to dive into a world of exploration, growth, and connection with nature:


Summer is the ideal season to introduce children to the wonders of gardening and the profound impact of sunlight on our lives. The Oasis Box offers a remarkable way to engage kids in hands-on activities that inspire their curiosity and foster a love for nature. Through the Sunlight-themed box, children had the chance to discover the magic of the sun, from growing sunflowers, and creating a sundial to experimenting with solar cooking. Remember, the Oasis Box adventure doesn't end there! Join the waitlist and be prepared to unlock new discoveries in the upcoming months. Together, let's cultivate a lifelong passion for gardening, renewable energy, and the natural world in the hearts of our children and grandchildren.