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A World of Growth: Exploring Edible Seeds and the Oasis Box of February

Edible Seeds and Oasis Box - Cultivating Joyful Learning for Little Green Thumbs

parents Feb 07, 2024

Imagine the excitement lighting up your child's eyes as they unwrap the vibrant, green wonderland of our Oasis Box. We believe in turning every gardening experience into a magical journey for your little ones, and our Edible Seeds Oasis Box is here to make it happen!

Inside Your Oasis Box: A World of Discovery

1. Booklet of Wonders:
Nestled within the box is a magical booklet, not just filled with instructions but designed to spark curiosity and creativity. It's not your ordinary guide; it's an invitation to a world where tiny hands plant seeds and watch them bloom. Picture this – step-by-step activity guides, word games that make learning fun, spaces to record your family's garden victories, and even instructions on crafting a trellis. It's not just a booklet; it's a passport to a garden adventure! All themed around Edible Seeds, this one!

2. Themed Coloring Paper:
Unleash your child's inner artist with a coloring paper with the theme of edible seeds. As they bring the garden to life with vibrant hues, they're not just coloring; they're cultivating their imagination and learning too.

3. Collectible Cut-out Garden Talk Cards:
Each card holds a nugget of wisdom about the world of plants. It's not just a collectible; it's a doorway to conversations about nature, growth, and the wonders hidden in our backyard. Your kids get to talk about edible seeds and form their own opinions while cutting out the pots, punching in the holes and collecting them on a ring! We even provide the ring!

4. Organic Pea Seeds:
These aren't just seeds; they're the promise of delicious, home-grown peas. Imagine the joy as your child witnesses the magic of life unfold before their eyes, from seed to scrumptious green treat. And your kids get to plant them trellis them (yes, we even include the material for the preliminary trellises as a craft), and watch them climb, grow and be fabulous!

5. Biodegradable Film for Seed Starters:
And of course you get seed starters in your box. But not just any seed starter! We believe in sustainable growth, and our biodegradable film ensures that your child's gardening journey is not just enriching for them but for the planet too. It took us a long time to find this material you can find out about this journey in this blog.

6. Organic Coconut Coir Soil:

What's a garden without good soil? The organic coconut coir soil we include in the Oasis Box is more than just a growing medium; it's the foundation for a love affair with nature. And the perfect science lesson for your kids on how soil and water interact and work together. This small piece of coir block will transform into lots of soil right in front of your kids eyes. It's truly fascinating!

7. Copper Tape for Making Seed Starters:

Craft time meets gardening with our copper tape. Your child doesn't just plant seeds; they build the vessels that nurture them. It's not just tape; it's a bridge between creativity and growth. Did you know copper material helps plants grow as it acts as it improves nutrient absorption! And your kids get to use it to hold their seed starters together and plant their peas in those starters. Another craft that engages them in learning about the science behind things! 


 8. Edible Seeds Board Game: A Collaborative Adventure:

Imagine a game where there's no winner unless everyone wins. That's the magic of our Edible Seeds Board Game. All players are in it together – it's a team effort, and everyone triumphs or faces challenges as one big garden-loving crew. The real competition? It's not with each other; it's with the game itself.

Educational Twist:

But wait, there's more! This isn't just any board game; it's an educational journey. The goal? To learn how the most famous edible seeds are processed to become the yummy food we love. Your child isn't just playing for fun; they're navigating the path of seed transformation, discovering what tools they need and the steps to turn seeds into delicious, ready-to-make food. It's like a tasty lesson wrapped in a game!

Benefits of the Edible Seeds Board Game:

Team Spirit: Everyone works together, fostering a sense of teamwork and shared accomplishment.
Educational Fun: Discover the secrets of seed processing in a playful way, making learning a delightful experience.
Life Skills: Equip your child with the knowledge of growing and processing their own food. Who knows, they might become little chefs or gardening experts in the making!


9. Supplies for Making Trellis: 

Last but not least, fancy up your garden with these supplies. It’s not just about helping plants stand tall; it’s about creating something awesome together.

As you unwrap the Oasis Box, you're not just getting a collection of items; you're stepping into a world where learning and growth intertwine. Your child doesn't just plant seeds; they plant dreams, curiosity, and a lifelong love for nature.

Edible Seeds and Oasis Box isn't just a combination of words; it's a promise of cultivating joyful learning for your little green thumbs. Ready to sow the seeds of curiosity and laughter? Grab your Oasis Box now and let the joyful garden journey begin!

You have till February 14th to get this box. None of our boxes repeat! So if you want this one, you have to hurry! Are you reading this blog after February 14, 2024? Grab the March box!