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Teachers: 5 Mistakes I would never make if I was a teacher starting a school garden

teachers and schools Oct 21, 2022


After almost a decade of growing school gardens, in all kinds of schools, and in all types of settings, in-school, after-school, clubs, teaching myself, training facilitators who taught my programs, training classroom teachers, and providing them with resources and coaching, there are 5 mistakes I see educators who want to start a food garden with their students make.

I went live in the past week almost every day and broke down each of these 5 mistakes, one by one, in the hopes that this helps you learn from other people's experiences instead of learning these the hard way...

Or worse, thinking it's hard and giving up, all together.

Go take a watch

At the end of the day, success depends on working smart, not hard! And an essential part of working smart is to listen to other people's experiences and avoid the mistakes they've made.
Hoping this helps!
Let me know your thoughts, questions, and concerns. I'm here for you.
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