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Grow flowers (but not just any flowers) with your kids. Grow edible flowers!!!


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Get your kids learning, positively productive and growing!

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How this e-kit works after you enter your email:

Download Part 1

After you enter your email we will email you Part 1 of this e-kit.

Part 1 has the main Lesson Intro card, the Visual Game card and the Word Games card... All about edible flowers!

Download Part 2

After 1 day we will send you another email that includes downloads of the Garden Talks card (a cut-out collectable game), the edible flowers coloring page, the Garden Wins card and the Shopping List. So you can plan and track your progress with the entire e-kit.

Download Part 3

And finally you'll get the main step by step Growing Activity Guide PLUS an extra fun flowers activity!

It's now time to get our hands dirty and grow some edible flowers. Yay!

Get your FREE e-kit

Oasis Box Is a subscription gardening club for kids...

Delivering themed gardening supplies and fun games to your door every month.

  • This E-Kit is the Downladable version of one of our past boxes.
  • It's perfect to give you a taste of how it works and what sorts of fun you could expect in the Oasis Boxes.

Gardening with your kids will create...

Stronger Families

"Why try to explain miracles to your child when you can grow a garden with them?"

Bring magic to your family life and create precious memories that empower and last a life time!

Strengthen your connection with your kids using your OASIS BOX!

Whole Humans

"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."

Patience, caring, working with mama-nature, faith, positive action, appreciation for healthy food, being grounded and connected to Earth, authentic learning of the life skill of gardening... and more life changing personal skills to learn with your OASIS BOX!

Wiser Kids

Science, biology, geography, culture, health, math, art, systems thinking... You name it, mama-nature can teach it in the garden!

You just need the right engaging educational material and you will find it in your OASIS BOX!

Get your FREE e-kit