Oasis Box Gardening Games Bundle

 3 cooperative board games that connect players with the garden!

Ages: 4 to 99

Number of players: 1 to many

GAME #2:

Garden Heroes

If you play this game right, you will ALWAYS win! Provide what the garden heroes need in your garden so they don't flee to the neighbor's yard. This collaborative game teaches your kids about their power to work with nature and build a flourishing garden and also about beneficial insects and animals, their needs, and their important role in the eco-systemic balance of our gardens.

GAME #3:

Fall Oasis Garden

As for any other collaborative game, the competition is NOT between the players but with the game itself. The players play by:

Planting Cool Crops, Harvesting Hot-loving Crops, Planting Garlic and preserving food for winter... until winter is finally here.

So much fun and learning-in-disguise about seasons, cool crops, bulbs, preservation, and continuing to grow a garden in fall and winter.

GAME #4:

Edible Plant Parts

Plant parts and cooking come together. Kids will learn how in nature there is no waste and everything, even plant parts poisonous to humans have a role in the ecosystem.

Make plant part puzzles, Identify edible, non-edible or poisonous parts, give edibles to grandma, save seeds and fill compost bin, all in 10 hours before grandma runs out of time to make dinner. So much fun and learning!


Oasis Box Board Game Bundle

$47 USD

3 cooperative board games: 

1) Edible Plant Parts (Value of $37 + $4 Shipping)

2) Garden Heroes (Value of $37 + $4 Shipping)

3) Fall Oasis Garden (Value of $37 + $4 Shipping)

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